Welcome to the Weddington Warriors High School Band

The Weddington High School band program is under the leadership of Mrs. Jill Brooks and consists of over 90 students in the high school. Mrs. Brooks will also work with Weddington Middle School with Mr. Mekel Rogers. Some of the WMS students participate in the marching band program.



Annual Mattress Sale


Mattress Sale is scheduled for March 15th, 2014.

Open from 10am-5pm in the WHS Gym. Click the Weddington Band Logo for the flyer!

Updated: Feb 16th, 2014


Updated Calendar

demoSee the updated marching band calendar on this page and in Charms.

Updated: July 29th, 2013



demoParents can use the Charms program to pay online with their credit card for the band program. There is a 3% surcharge for using the PayPal option, but it is now available to those who prefer to utilize it.

Updated: June 27, 2013

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Parents and friends, you can get the latest updates on the band and sponsors by following us on Twitter. Follow: Weddington Band @whsb_boosters

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New By-Laws

Please see our new by-laws. Here is the link: WHS_Band_Booster_Bylaws. Check out the new Board/Committee positions. These new by-laws were passed in Aug. 2012 by a majority vote of the band boosters. Also, please check out the new board/committee members for 2012-2013 by looking below.

Executive Board Meetings

Regular meetings of the Weddington High School Band Boosters (WHSBB) general membership, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, are held every month during the school year. The regular meetings are held in the Weddington High School Band Room at 5:30 PM on meeting days. Meeting dates are communicated via Twitter (#whsbmeeting). We encourage all general members to attend these regular meetings. If you plan on attending and have questions, please contact a board member or the band director so we may add you to the meeting agenda. We want to give ample time to answer your question. This will also insure that the board member that can best answer your question will be in attendance or allow for sufficient time to gather information that may be required to answer your question.


The objectives of the WHSBB is to support the activities of the Weddington High School Band programs and its director, to raise funds in order to provide financial support of the band programs of the Weddington High Band which will be used for purchases to help provide a quality educational program, to be an advocate in all matters and things pertinent to the band, to remain within the jurisdiction of the Union County Public School System and the band director(s) and instructional staff, to work directly with the Weddington High School Band Director and school administration, and to provide chaperones for all events in which the band participates on and off school property. The organization will cooperate with the school to support the improvement of music education in ways that will not interfere with the administration of the school and will not seek to control the school's policies.

Harris Teeter VIC link

    Please remember to link your Harris-Teeter VIC card to the WHS Band Boosters. It is 5042. You can link to more than one place! Linking happens twice a year and needs to relinked.

Charms Program

Parents, please login to the Charms Office Assistant to volunteer for supporting band activities. The Charms office assistant serves many functions: keeps track of student and parent information, organizes materials, and can keep track of inventory, props and uniforms. It keeps track of who turned in forms, missed practice, and has seating charts available, too. But, most important, it has a complete financial package as well. It helps track fundraisers and diburses profits. It manages local and international trips, and can give parents a running balance of your activity fund and booster club bank accounts. Parents can even pay for trips/fees online with credit cards through a protected log-in site using PayPal.

2013-2014 Board and Committee Chairs

President: Rick Croffut

Vice-President: Tom Palmer

Treasurer: Karen McCulla

Assistant Treasurer: TBA

Secretary: Karen Nevill

Ways and Means Chair: Tim McCulla

Technology and Social Media: Jim Jones

Committee Chairs:

Volunteer Coordinator: Cathy O'Brien and Leslie Carmichael

Transportation Chair: Verna Kerfonta

Maintenance Chair: Bob Kerfonta

Uniform Chairs: Karen McCulla, Janice Palmer, Verna Kerfonta, Patti Hess, Angie Fulton

Meals: Sue Fitch, Nancy Hammond

Concert Band: : Sue Fitch, Nancy Hammond

Band Camp Volunteers: Cathy O'Brien

Band "Bouncer" Chair: April Nosek

Fundraising/Merchandising: Chaired by Tim McCulla - committee TBA

Web Design: David and Joy Motte

Pit Crew: Robin Owens and Teresa Bellardini

Photography/Publicity: Judi Proctor

Sponsorships/Grants: Tim McCulla

WHS Band
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